Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oxygen Analyzer

The Deep-Sea Gas Analyzer provides an accurate measurement of a variety of gases at depths of up to 2500 meters. The instrument employs a membrane gas extractor and is capable of measuring virtually any gas in LGR’s catalog, including CH4, CO2, and various stable isotopomers. Self-sustained, remote operation is possible using the internal battery, gas handling system, and data storage. Possible applications include carbon sequestration in ocean waters, methane-hydrate studies, and hydrothermal-vent effluent analysis.
As described in the Theory Section (on, the measurement strategy is based on high-resolution direct-absorption spectroscopy. As a result, the instrument is self-calibrating and provides an absolute, accurate gas concentration without reference standards. An internal computer can store data practically indefinitely for applications requiring unattended long-term standalone operation. These analyzers can also send real-time data to a data logger through analog, digital (RS232), and Ethernet outputs.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

brimrose analyzer

A new series of miniature near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers is said to offer a cost-effective tool for inspecting incoming raw materials and product quality control. Compact, battery-powered Model 5030 ATOF-NIR Portable Analyzer from Brimrose Corp. of America, Baltimore, allows laboratory tests to be performed anywhere in a plant environment. The instrument, which sells for $28,000 (compared with $40,000 for larger units), is reportedly insensitive to ambient light, vibration, dust, and dirt. Its design allows for quick switchover from solids to liquids, and results appear instantly on its LCD. Applications include material identification or measurement of moisture content and active-ingredient levels. Once the instrument is calibrated, it reportedly can be used by an inexperienced operator.